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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Report: Khmer Rouge Victim Says International Community Needs to Consider Reparations

Pol Yat
, female, age 68. Interviewed in Kraing Leav village.
Pol Yat stated that she suffered from the hard working conditions imposed on her during the
regime, and that three of her sibilings were killed by Khmer Rouge cadres. She also talked about
people in her village killing Khmer Rouge cooperative chiefs soon after the Khmer Rouge
regime was defeated by the Vietnamese troops.
For Pol Yat, achieving justice meant not only prosecuting the surviving Khmer Rouge leaders
but also lower-level perpetrators from the regime. She also felt that the most suitable punishment
for all of them would be the death penalty. Pol Yat also stated that the international community
should consider reparations and compensation for the victims of the Khmer Rouge regime
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