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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Handa and World Mate

Dr. Handa is continuously being referred to as being a part of World Mate. Below is an insight on who World Mate are.

WORLD MATE Wales / Gloucestershire Shibu

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About World Mate
World Mate is a non-profit philanthropic organization unifying economic, academic and cultural resources for the welfare of all people around the world. Its benevolent philosophy and practice is based on Shinto`s understanding of the spiritual world, and how these universal principles are implemented in everyday life to elevate the self and humanity to its ultimate fulfillment.
SPIRITUAL SERVICES World Mate provides a variety of spiritual consultations in all aspects of life...professional problems, health, business, romance etc., all to help you attain happiness and lasting fulfillment.All services are on donation basis for the various humanitarian activities around the world. SPIRITUAL PURIFICATIONIn situations where your "negative energy" load, due to negative karma or spirits, is so heavy that it interferes with your daily activities and improvement, a Spiritual Purification is recommended to alleviate your soul. This is not an artificial manipulation of energy or hands on treatment, but an offering of pure prayers of unconditional love for the happiness of the spirits surrounding a particular person and the person itself.What is unique about World Mate`s spiritual sessions is that once the spirits have been healed and guided to a happier heaven, these spirits do not return. Afterwards, the purified individual must make efforts to ensure that these same kind of spirits do not return by changing and maintain a new attitude toward life; by minimizing negative thoughts such as jealousy, hatred, anger and fear, and replacing them with positive, optimistic, loving thoughts. After a Spiritual Purification, this process becomes much easier and gradually this positive way of being becomes the way of life as benevolent spirits surround the purified individual.PALM READINGPalm reading is done in the Shinto tradition which reads your spiritual path to your greatest potential. It takes into account the trajectory of your whole life and guides you to your true transformation and fulfillment.The lines on your palm are a reflection of your thoughts and actions. The more you understand this phenomenon, the more you learn from your past, enjoy the present and compose your future.KIGAKU HOROSCOPEWhen you were born, your soul came with a blueprint according to the energy present in the Universe that day and year. The Kigaku Horoscope provides a detailed reading of this blueprint. By knowing and evaluating this information you are able to know yourself better, realize hidden talents, "coincide" with right people and opportunities, and take advantage of your "fortunate directions". To be in tune to your life mission and fulfillment.RITUALS AND CEREMONIESThroughout the year World Mate performs specific rituals and ceremonies using the universal spiritual principles of Shinto to interact and harmonize with the Divine World. Such events help to bring closer the ultimate unity of humanity and God and the realization of Heaven on Earth.
PHILANTHROPY / WORLD CULTUREIt is World Mate`s priority to help the most needy people around the world...the poorest of the poor.Among these humanitarian projects is the SIHANOUK HOSPITAL in war torn Cambodia. A free of charge 24 hour emergency hospital supported and run in collaboration with HOPE worldwide, an international non-profit humanitarian charity. Toshu Fukami Sensei, leader of World Mate, is the founder, vice chairman and main sponsor of Sihanouk Hospital Corp.Over 60% of the children in the world today are unable to receive adequate education because thier countries are poor or thier houses and towns have been ruined due to civil wars. World Mate`s ongoing project to build schools and orphanages for the poverty-stricken have thus far included Cambodia, Western China and Albania.World Mate`s philanthropic activities are varied ranging from sponsoring the International Blind Golf Association (of which Mr. Fukami is chairman) to scholorship programs for the poor to even providing a boat for a small village in Tanzania. World Mate collaborates unconditionally with any institution or organization to help people improve thier life and realize thier divine nature.PROMOTING WORLD CULTUREWith the most sincere and visionary belief that art is the universal unifying force of humanity, the IFAC (International Foundation For The Arts And Culture) was founded for the purposes of promoting social welfare activities through musical and art- related events around the world.The IFAC is a non-profit organization based in New York, London, Perth and Tokyo. It hosts a series of yearly charity concerts as well as sponsoring competitions and scholorships for young artists.
Please visit the links below. SIHANOUK HOSPITAL
World Mate is a cultural organization based on Shintoism. World Mate is dedicated to helping people achieve the most rewarding lifestyle and true happiness. I t does this by offering Divine activities that members participate in on a totally voluntary basis.
World Mate can help you get more out of every facet of your life, including business, love, marriage, personal success a cheerful way of living and health issues. However, World Mate is not interested solely in personal sucess, but also through its social welfare activities, World Mate also seeks to help the people of the world who are suffering and less fortunate than ourselves.

You are free to join or leave World Mate as you desire. All those who are interested in achieving a fulfilling, radiant lifestyle are invited to become members.
Intersted? Please go to the Contacts page for details of World Mate branches in your area.
World Mate Rituals
The Two main Rituals The two main annual rituals of World Mate are THE GREAT RITUAL BY THE SEA OF KASHIMA in June, and THE GREAT RITUAL IN CELEBRATION OF THE CAVE OPENING AT ISE in December. The Great Ritual in Kashima in June is considered a `yang` activity, where prayers are actively given for good fortune, financial prosperity, health, happiness and success in marriage and career.On the other hand the Great Ritual at Ise in December is considered as a `yin` activity. Prayers are given to the Gods to purify not only our sins and misgivings, but also of our families, and of the whole world, and also to celebrate and welcome the new year, as well.


SUMERA OHKAMI YASHIROThe Headquarters of World Mate is located in Ohito-Cho, Tagata-Gun, Shizuoka prefecture within view of Mt. Fuji.
SUMERA OHKAMI YASHIRO (sumera ohkami shrine) is the shrine of MIOYA MOTOSU OHMIKAMI (God of Su), the God of origin of the whole universe.The Headquarters of World Mate shares the same plot of land as the shrine.
At this shrine, the Tsukinamisai (monthly ceremony) is conducted by Shinto priest, Toshu Fukami.The prayer is offered for World peace and the happiness of all members of World Mate in Japan and overseas, as well as all humanity.


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