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Monday, July 2, 2007

ICTY: Reparations "symbolic", "collective [nature of the harm]"

The ECCC Internal Rules appear to quote the approach -- and the very language -- of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on reparations. An official of the ICTY speaking to a group of dignitaries in Sarajevo in 2001 had the following to say concerning the Tribunal's stance on the issue of individual reparations --

"Second limitation on the activity of the International Tribunal: reparations for harm suffered by the victims. I feel that the truth and reconciliation commission has a fundamental role to play in respect of reparations for harm suffered by the victims which, as I have already said, is not a priority for the International Tribunal. Upon collecting the statements of many victims – who must represent different ethnic, political or religious origins – which would then be placed into a database, the commission should be in a position to propose to the political authorities forms of symbolic reparations which take into account the collective nature of the harm caused by the war. Among various possibilities, I have in mind setting up educational programmes, creating memorial museums or film archives which could, for example, be used to prepare multimedia materials. A compensation fund should also be made available to the commission so that it may address the most urgent needs of the populations affected by the conflict."

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