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Monday, July 30, 2007

Pol Pot's Family Attends Tribunal Forum

Pol Pot's Family Attends Tribunal Forum
Mean Veasna, VOA Khmer Original report from Kampong Thom27 July 2007

Relatives of Pol Pot attended a Khmer Rouge tribunal forum in Kampong Thom province recently, appealing for a fair trial process for top leaders of the regime.
The forum was one of a series sponsored by the Center for Social Development, and provided family members of the leader of the Khmer Rouge room to talk about their worries.
"It should not be biased," Pol Pot's niece, Srey Poline, said of the trial. "Please have a trial very soon. I have been waiting for it for a long time."
Srey Poline's statement marked the second time members of Pol Pot's family have spoken about the tribunal. Earlier this month, some of the family attended a field trip to mass graves in Kampong Thom.
Dul Tin, who is Pol Pot's nephew-in-law, son of Pol Pot's younger brother, Salot Nheb, said the leader should not take all the blame for the killing.
"I have read the documents and seen the suffering," said Pol Pot's granddaughter, Bun Chanthou. "And I didn't think that this involved grandfather Salot Sar."
Center for Social Development coordinator Im Sophea said the relatives' doubts were a sign to the public that people want to know the stories behind the Khmer Rouge.
Robert Petit, a co-prosecutor for the tribunal, also attended the forum.


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