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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Civil Party Complaints Pertaining to the Operation of S-21, a.k.a. Toul Sleng

3) Civil Party applications
In addition to the crimes alleged to have been perpetrated in connection with the S21
detention centre, the ongoing judicial investigation covers three broad categories of alleged
crimes: forced movements of the population; killings, torture and other abuses at a range of
security and detention centres; and forced labour, unlawful detention and inhuman living
conditions perpetrated in other locations.
If you have any queries on the process for filing Civil Party applications for these crimes,
please check the Victims Unit section of the ECCC website []. The Victims
Unit will be operational in coming days (see the website for details). Until then, requests for
information may be made directly to the Greffiers of the Co-Investigating Judges.


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