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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Pre-Trial Chamber Judge Recuses Himself

Criminal Case File Nº 02/14-08-2006-ECCC/PTC
Before: Judge Prak Kimsan, President
Judge Huot Vuthy
Judge Rowan Downing
Judge Pen Pichsaly
Judge Katinka Lahuis
Date: 6 November 2007
Office of the Co-Prosecutors
CHEA Leang
Robert PETIT
YET Chakriya
William SMITH
Charged Person
KAING Guek Eav
Defence Counsel
KAR Savuth
François ROUX
THE PRESIDENT OF THE PRE-TRIAL CHAMBER of the Extraordinary Chambers in the
Courts of Cambodia;
HAVING RECEIVED a letter from Judge Ney Thol dated 6 November 2007 recusing himself
from participation in the appeal against the Provisional Detention Order of 31 July 2007 by the
charged person KAING Guek Eav (“Appeal”);
NOTING Chapter IV of the Law on the Establishment of Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of
Cambodia for the Prosecution of Crimes Committed During the Period of Democratic Kampuchea
of 27 October 2004;
NOTING Rule 34 of the Internal Rules of 12 June 2007;
HEREBY NOTIFIES the parties and the public that Judge Ney Thol has been replaced by Reserve
Judge Pen Pichsaly for the duration of the proceedings in the Appeal.
Phnom Penh, 06 November, 2007
Prak Kimsan


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