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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Khieu Samphan's International Lawyer Suspends His Communication with the Office of Co-Investigating Judges

Khieu Samphan's international attorney, the famous/infamous Jacques Verges, was quoted as saying that he would not communicate with the Office of Co-Investigating Judges (OCIJ) of the ECCC until every piece of evidence the OCIJ has is translated into French (most of the submissions are currently made in English with the originals being in Khmer). Although Verges is conversant in English, for reasons undisclosed, he chooses to have the process stalled until the ECCC creates an opportunity for him to work through the mounting body of evidence in his native language. Technically, by demanding the court undertake a great amount of extra translating work, Verges does not make an unreasonable request as, by law, there are three official languages of the court -- Khmer, English and French -- into which all court documents must be translated.


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