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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Next Week's New York City Fundraiser

An ECCC delegation will be traveling to NYC on Monday to try to convince representatives of a handful of foreign governments to triple the tribunal's budget. As of today, no public statements have been made as to the projected sources of this tall order of additional funding with Japan remaining the tribunal's largest individual contributor to date. The additional amount sought through this fundraiser exceeds $120 million which constitutes the boldest fundraising drive any hybrid tribunal or truth and reconciliation commission has thus far undertaken. The new budget hasn't been made public and the tribunal's Office of Administration has never provided justification for such a steep increase.
No national fundraisers have been announced, although the Cambodian tycoons vowed to collect an undisclosed amount about two years ago on condition of Prime Minister of Cambodia "asking them to do so". Prime Minister Hun Sen hasn't accounced a call for domestic contributions or discussed the matter in any way disclosed to the general public since.


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