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Friday, April 25, 2008

Media Update Pre-Trial Chamber: Appeal Brief against the Provisional Detention Order

The Pre-Trial Chamber has scheduled the hearing on the 'Appeal Brief against the Provisional Detention Order' by Khieu Samphan for 23 April 2008 at 0930. Media are reminded that they should be in their seats at the ECCC at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the proceedings. As previously announced the hearing will be held in camera and closed to the public and media with the following exceptions:
A Photo Opportunity will be provided to select members of the media at the beginning of the proceedings. As in previous hearings the photo op will be limited to 5 minutes and will provide an opportunity to view the judges, prosecution and defence (including the accused person). The number of media for this photo op will be limited to 8 (6 photo and 2 video). The media will be responsible for organizing a pooling system for the photo and video material prior to the beginning of the photo op.
Following the photo op, the 'Report of Examination' will be read in public. As in previous hearings media and public will be able to view the proceedings on video screens in the main courtroom. The usual audio and video feeds will also be provided in the media access rooms at the front of the court.
After the reading, the hearing will go into closed session. It is not envisaged that there will be any further public session.
30 minutes after the conclusion of the proceedings individual press conferences for the defence team and the prosecution will be held in the main court room.


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