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Friday, June 13, 2008

ECCC Information Update: Status of the Revised ECCC Budget 13 June 2006

The ECCC is pleased to announce that after a methodical review the work revising its budget concluded this week with a consolidated proposal covering all activities of the court. As previously reported, a working draft of the revised budget was provided to the donor community on 30 January 2008. In response, the donor community requested further details in a variety of areas and that consideration be given to reducing the overall costs while maintaining the highest possible standards. Over the past months, extensive work was done to clarify and refine the draft. On Monday 16 June 2008, this revised budget proposal will be presented to a Steering Committee followed by a presentation to the wider donor community at the Group of Interested States (GIS), currently scheduled for 20 June 2008 in New York. Upon endorsement of this presentation by its donors, the ECCC will provide an overview of the contents of the budget and its fund-raising strategy.


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