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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Closer Look at Say Bory's Resignation

Compelling as the official version of this resignation might be attempting to sound, there are several a plausible reason for which Say Bory may have decided to pass this hot potato -- which is what Khieu Samphan's case has been for the last couple of months -- on to someone else. Say's current problems began when he accepted the job not having thoroughly researched the rambunctious record of his international partner-in-law, Jacques Verges. Say's expectations came to a rude awakening in a hurry when Jacques Verges got down to his 'rupture defense' he is so well-known for. Say's response to that unspeakable behavior in the context of Cambodian courts was to attempt to distinguish himself from Verges -- which manifested itself, among other things, in the filing of separate motions -- and continue defending his client. When after the aborted bail hearing and the Pre-Trial Chamber (PTC) promising to hold Verges in contempt while suggesting that Khieu Samphan choose another lawyer to replace Verges, Say knew that his association with Verges had trouble written all over it. Verges refused to extricate himself from the proceedings and left the country in a huff. Khieu's case was stalled as it continues to be stalled until today. Over the last two months problems have compounded. Say has had enough. Now that he's resigned, the hot potato will have to be passed on to another Cambodian lawyer who will have to, at this point, either believe s/he can rein in Verges or be desperate enough to want this job to disregard the current disarray that Khieu's case is in.


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