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Saturday, October 25, 2008

ECCC FINALLY Publishes Its Budget

It has finally happened. After years of persistent calls of the public the ECCC has published its budget. This publication might be the Court's newly-found quest to demonstrate transparency in the midst of its stumbling fundraising drive, but regardless of the reasons for which it was done what matters is that the Court's budget is finally open to public scrutiny.
The budgetlines that might be of particular interest are those which show the doubling and tripling budgets of certain organs of the Court, salaried positions of alternate judges (who by law are only supposed to be called into service when necessitated by the absence of a sitting judge(s), skyrocketing expert and consultant budgets, and the Court's current timeline which goes till the very end of 2010 (under the original design the Court was supposed to conclude its work within a 3-year period which counting from the time the budget began to be spent (early 2006) should been early 2009; the donors who are supporting these proceedings will be well-advised if they understand that the said timeline is tentative as not a single event has taken place on schedule at this court thus far), among others.


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