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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Through the Eye of Baseball We See It All

While the prosecution is playing hard ball on the issue of pre-trial detention with the Pre-Trial Chamber (PTC) having sided with their views on the necessity of such detention in all four foregoing cases, and while all other defense teams have made efforts of varying levels of quality to argue for the release of their clients, the Khieu Defense Team does not seem to be on the same diamond with everyone else, or in the same sport, for that matter.
The Khieu Defense Team got it all wrong from the start as they did not seem to realize that invoking the ire of the umpire (Verges' conduct in court) is perhaps not the best way to kick off the game. Nor does throwing the bat down and getting off the field (Verges' hasty departure) help trying to win the game. Not swinging the bat at perfectly fine pitches and crowding the plate for a solid year surprisingly does not help the game either (it perhaps helps to have players on the team who at least potentially can hit that ball when the pitcher gets too tired to maintain accuracy or when a player from the Little League is given a chance to throw a pitch). Finally, after a year of not being able to swing the bat and massively crowding the plate the worst idea is perhaps to open negotiations with the pitcher (the motion to the CIJs requesting that pre-trial detention not be renewed) asking him to have mercy on the team and let them take first simply because they just can't swing but would like to argue that it is the wind factor that is at fault. And they thought they had a chance out on that diamond!


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