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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Essay (Abstract): Peace had never been helpful to the Khmer Rouge cause

Explain the purpose of post-revolutionary purges. Are they necessary for the survival of the revolutionary state?

“Peace had never been helpful to the Khmer Rouge cause”

Post-revolutionary purges are necessary for the survival of the revolutionary state because they allow the new government to secure their own regime, wipe away remnants of the old regime and ensure that any interference, whether internal or external, can be easily and effectively quashed. In December 1976, the year after the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia, leader Pol Pot declared to the Central Committee that “there is a sickness inside the Party, born in the years [of struggle]”, a phrase reminiscent of Stalin’s description of communist enemies as “an ulcer in a healthy body”. For the revolutionary government of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, a post-revolutionary purge was necessary for several reasons. The first was to rid the new regime of enemies, both internal and external. Any Chinese,......

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