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Monday, March 9, 2009

DSS Statement: 6 March, 2009

2-6 March 2009
Defence Support Section: Press Statement
1. The Defence Support Section (DSS) congratulates the judges for adopting a number of important amendments at this week’s Plenary. Both Cambodian and international judges have demonstrated a real determination to ensure that the ECCC functions fairly and efficiently. In particular, the judges have carefully balanced the desire to give civil parties a voice in the proceedings with the rights of the accused to a fair trial.
2. The DSS welcomes the statement by the international judges affirming their concern about unresolved allegations of corruption within the ECCC. This reinforces their position at the last
Plenary that kick-back allegations must be dealt with “fully and fairly […] and in a transparent
manner” and will be a comfort to all those who fear that the administration of justice within the
ECCC may fall prey to political compromise.
Richard J Rogers
Chief, Defence Support Section
6 March 2009


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