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Friday, May 27, 2011

Game of Chicken Update: the Laurels of Victory

About a week ago the CIJs ordered the International Co-Prosecutor to retract his statement regarding the additional work the International CP felt the CIJs needed to do in Case 003. The CIJs gave the International CP 3 days to retract his statement. No retraction followed. It is clear that the International CP is standing his ground (whatever the legal basis and ethical bases for this ground might be). There are only two ways for the game of chicken to end: either one of the parties swerves or a head-on collision (which more often than not has disastereous consequences) occurs. As the International CP presses on unflinchingly, an unsaid deadline gets imposed on the CIJs to either get off the road (and give the International CP the laurels of victory) or let us know they are still on the road.


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