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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Appeal Judgment of the ECCC Supreme Court Chamber in Case 001: More on the Summary of the Appeal Judgment and in Greater Detail (In Several Parts): Part IV

It is impossible to make head or tail of what the SCC has found on the charge of persecution from the Summary but it is possible to comment on the following finding: “a number of individuals who were not political enemies”. How and when did the TC determine which S-21 prisoners were not DK’s political enemies and which ones were? Did the SCC underwrite the TC’s position or did it make its own finding? If it made its own finding, on what basis? This finding appears to be untenable unless the SCC merely found that the children and spouses of the S-21 prisoners by definition could not have been S-21 political enemies. The SCC’s rationale regarding this determination is impossible to gauge from the Summary.     


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