ECCC Reparations

This blog is designed to serve as a repository of analyses, news reports and press releases related to the issue of RERAPATIONS within the framework of the Extraordinary Chambers in Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), a.k.a. the Khmer Rouge Tribunal.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dear All,

This is a message to welcome you all to this blog which, as the title has it, will be dedicated to the discussion of reparations for the damage done during the reign of Democratic Kampuchea (a.k.a. the Khmer Rouge) and to prosecute for the commission of which the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) were set up in Cambodia.

As reparations are by their natures complex and link a wide array of aspects, these discussions will include the issues of law, history, culture, religion moral values, etc.

Contributors to this blog are, thus, encouraged to bring up any issues to explore technical topics -- such as, for example, the relevant components of the Cambodian and international laws) as well as non-technical topics, such as, for example, the moral imperative to pay reparations or absense of thereof, cultural reparatory practices in Cambodia, if any, etc.

The objective here is to see the level of support reparations for the crimes of the Khmer Rouge might garner in and out of Cambodia and amongst Cambodians and people of other nationalities and ethnicities familiar with Cambodia and the history of the Khmer Rouge and generally interested in the topic of reparations. It is also my expectation that this blog will become an avenue for the general public to express themselves and stay updated on the issue.

For reasons of potential conflicts of interest, contributors are not required by this blog to use their names, but can create aliases under which they will be known on this blog and how they will be addressed and referred to.

I will be looking forward to seeing all of you on this blog and furthering this discussion.