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Monday, October 15, 2007

Civil Parties Can Now File Complaints with the OCPs and the OCIJs

Victims Unit
In addition to being called as witnesses, Victims of the Khmer Rouge may participate actively in ECCC proceedings either by filing complaints or applying to be joined as Civil Parties.

The ECCC Victims Unit shall be the centralised initial contact point for Victims and their representatives for the filings necessary for participation in the proceedings.

As a transitional measure, until the Victims Unit is operational, Complaints may be filed directly with the Greffier of the Office of the Co-Prosecutors and Civil Party applications concerning ongoing investigations may be filed directly with the Greffier of the Office of the Co-Investigating Judges.

The Internal Rules of the ECCC, adopted in June 2007, create the Victims Unit. Rule 12 outlines the role of the Victims Unit, which includes maintaining a list of foreign and national lawyers who wish to represent victims.

Foreign lawyers wishing to represent victims are required to register with the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and pay a fee of $500 directly to the Bar Association in order to be included in the list. A Registration Form is available below.

A full Victims Unit website will be published shortly.


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