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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Newly-Fashioned Broad Victim Participation Rights, New Suspects and Funding

Now that the PTC granted civil party lawyers'motion claiming broad vicim participation rights in the pre-trial proceedings before this tribunal, this participation regardless of the value it might bear that was claimed by the CSD Director Theary Seng in an emotional soliloquy, it will definitely result in longer periods of time it will take the PTC to deal with a wide range of pre-trial motions which are currently pending before it and which might be filed in the future.

This, coupled with the long-standing rumor that the OCP is putting together Introductory Submissions for another batch of suspects, might extend the life of this court far and beyond any period that had been discussed prior to its inception and is being discussed now. It is not clear whether the new budget of the court submitted to the recent donor conference had taken these developments into account, nor is it clear where the tribunal intends to raise money to cover all these very expensive addendums.


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