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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Pardon Issued to Ieng Sary in 1996

Unofficial translation
Royal Decree (Reach Kret)
Preah Bat Norodom Sihanouk Varman, King of Cambodia
􀂄 having taken into account the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia;
􀂄 having taken into account the Royal Decree on the Appointment of the Royal Government of Cambodia, dated 1 November 1993;
􀂄 having taken into account Royal Decree No. NS/RKT/1094/83, dated 24 October 1994 on the Revised Composition of the Royal Government of Cambodia;
􀂄 having taken into account the Proclamation (Prakas), dated 15 August 1996 and the statement by Mr Ieng Sary, Head of the Democratic National Unity Movement, dated 9 September 1996;
􀂄 and in accordance with the proposal of the First Prime Minister and the Second Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia
hereby proclaim
Article 1: a pardon to Mr Ieng Sary, former Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs in the Government of Democratic Kampuchea, for the sentence of death and confiscation of all his property imposed by order of the People's Revolutionary Tribunal of Phnom Penh, dated 19 August 1979; and an amnesty for prosecution under the Law to Outlaw the Democratic Kampuchea Group, promulgated by Reach Kram No. 1, NS 94, dated 14 July 1994;
Article 2: this Royal Decree will take effect on the day of its signature;
Article 3: the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice shall fully implement this Royal Decree.
done in the Municipality of Phnom Penh, 14 September 1996
Norodom Sihanouk
Royal Signature requested by
First Prime Minister Second Prime Minister
(signed) (signed)
Norodom Ranariddh Hun Sen


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