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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian Holocaust

The Jewish Holocaust was conducted under the hatred of a people: the Cambodian Holocaust was conducted while attempting to force an ideology on a nation. Between 1975 and 1979 an estimated 850,000 to two million people died or were murdered at the hands of the Khmer Rouge (Cambodian Communists). The numbers are the lives lost are staggering. What is even more astonishing- and horrific at the same time- is the cause of the inhumanity. The Khmer Rouge had a vision how Cambodia should be ruled and spilled their own countrymen’s blood trying to achieve their vision.In its infancy the Khmer Rouge was a communist party that using Vietnamese communism as its guide. However, it became more Stalinist and anti-intellectual once many of its members returned from study in France. The Khmers believed that the root of evil was capitalism and the cities and urban areas facilitated capitalism. Many in the Khmer referred to Phnom Pehn as “the great......
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